Benefits of Using Google+ Hangouts for Business
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From interviews, to staying connected with employees, to even connecting with other businesses in your industry – Google+ Hangouts is a great tool that your company can easily benefit from using. If you’re unfamiliar with these chats then I’ll explain. Google+ Hangouts is a free video chat service from Google that enables both one-on-one chats and group chats with up to ten people at a time. Interested yet?

Here are some different ways your company can benefit from using Google+ Hangouts:

Weekly Chats

Do a weekly or even monthly chat with a fellow colleague. Send out an email, invite people to join. It’s always a good idea to have a topic picked out beforehand – something you’re familiar with, because you can only improvise so much. A great example of this is the Video Pep Talk series I do with Steven Shattuck, VP of marketing at Bloomerang. This not only puts a face to your brand, it also gives you more content that can easily be turned into a blog post with the hangout video embedded in it. You can check out an example in this post about how to use calls to action in video.

Employee Communcations

Interviewing new hires
When you need to hire a new team member or even an intern, Google+ Hangouts provide a way to host a pre-interview with an individual before you bring him or her out to your office. This is a great use of Google+ hangouts and it’ll take off some of the stress for the potential employee and you.

Staying in touch
If you have employees or co-workers that work from home or even from a local coffee shop, it’s always great to be able to connect with them face to face, whether it’s to have a quick interview, work on a project together, or have a brainstorming session.

Live Event Streaming

Google+ hangouts also give you the ability to live stream your event. Doing this will help clients, potential customers or even fellow colleagues stay connect even if they can’t make your event. It’s a great way to invite peopleto your product demos, launches, or even just a simple conference.

Sales and Support

Product Demos
Have a new product to demo? What’s better than seeing how a team works together, how a product works, or how to figure out an issue than face-to-face? A Google+ Hangout demo can be even better than a marketing video because you can personally demonstrate how a product works in real life scenarios.

Tech support 
Sure anyone can help you solve your technical problems over the phone, but for those who might not be as tech savvy, being able to see their problem in real time allows you to be able to help them step by step (making sure they’re taking the right steps too).

Potential customers are looking for brands they can trust, because let’s face it – trust is a crucial part of any relationship. There’s just one problem, what if your potential customer lives out of state? Or worse yet, out of the country? Being able to give them a consultation through Google+ Hangouts will provide you with that face to face connection even though they are far away from your office.

For a more in depth look into Google+ Hangouts, check out this FREE field guide to Google+ Hangouts from our friends at Spinweb.

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