You Call it a Short Film, We Call it Training

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Our team at 12 Stars Media is made up of many different kinds of people. We have different backgrounds, different talents, and different areas of expertise. But there is a commonality among us that makes this one of the best teams that I have ever been a part of: we are all learners.

We put a huge emphasis on training; constantly trying to learn new things, to improve our craft, to make ourselves better.

It was with this goal in mind that we set out to create “Infiltrate,” a video project that would help to familiarize us with some of our newer video equipment as well as bring in one of our sales guys for some cross-training in video production.

Best. Workday. Ever!

We were not only able to get a better understanding of our equipment and various shooting techniques, but it reenforced in our minds what we can accomplish together as a team, and we were able to create something that we were all excited about!

You call it a short film, we call it training.

And rest assured, we are a company of learners, there will be more of these to come!

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