Introducing Jessica Carr, Our New Video Specialist

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Big News: 12 Stars Media is thrilled to introduce Jessica Carr as our newest team member! As our new Video Specialist, Jessica will be working with our Producers to edit and create the best videos possible. Want to connect with Jessica? Check out her Instagram account.

The Basics Jess

Education and Qualifications:

Jessica’s love for video production started when she transferred to IUPUI from IU in 2011, she decided to switch to a more creative field than she had been pursuing previously, which was Business Marketing at the Kelley School down in Bloomington. Jessica graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Media Arts & Science from Indiana University. Jessica also likes keeping up with global professionals as well as local individuals on Instagram and Facebook to see what sort of things they are trying out or improving on so that she too can continue to grow.

Favorite Color: Periwinkle and Blush Rose because she can’t just pick one.

Favorite Food: Elaborate Cheese Boards

Favorite Drink: Kountry Kitchen’s House-made Lemonade (seriously, you should try it)

Favorite Web Video: Carved in Mayhem is a HUGE inspiration to some personal work she currently has in development.

Favorite Book: the Harry Potter series, of course

Do you do any volunteer work? No, but there are a few places she’s looking at working with in the near future! Cosmic Gardens and Growing Places Indy both highly interest her and once she’s settled in here at 12 Stars Media, she plans on looking into how she can contribute regularly!

Hidden Talent: Taking an absurd amount of time to decide what to eat. She’s also been told that she makes great cocktails.

Interesting Fact: When Jessica was very young, her family was very poor and her wonderful mom (the true hero!) did her best to expose her to all of the life lessons she would need to grow into a strong independent woman. And as her mother met her step-dad, her family worked hard to pull themselves out of that rut, she learned the value of hard work and she also never forgot where she came from. 

Why she’s excited to be at 12 Stars Media: Jessica is  super excited to work at 12 Stars Media because of how much thought and care the leadership puts into the personal and professional development of each and every team member. “They truly value witnessing each person reach their highest potential. I see them consistently take action to challenge and strengthen every employee’s goals to help ensure that they are successful.”

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