Meet Our New Lead Developer, Tim Loyer
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Big News: 12 Stars Media is proud to welcome our new Lead Developer, Tim Loyer. Tim will be the go-to guy for all things related to Candidio, our video production platform.  This means that Tim will manage the database, program new features, collaborate with designers and front-end developers, and do lots and lots of testing. Most of the time, Tim will be adding new product features to Candidio and improving the existing product features, as well as fixing any bugs or taking care of anything that goes wrong.

The basics:

 Tim Loyer 12 Stars Media
Education and Qualifications: Tim got into web design and development in high school due to an internship with a local web and telecom company in northeastern Ohio. After high school, Tim received a B.A. in Graphic Design from Indiana Wesleyan University. Once Tim graduated, he slowly gravitated from being a web designer to being a web programmer. A lot of what he has learned has come from reading books, watching tutorials, and building computers.

Favorite Color: Red.  

Favorite Food: Tim loves sushi, but is also a huge fan of torta, which is a Mexican style sandwich. Although sushi is his favorite, a good torta is a close second.

Favorite YouTube Video: Tim is a fan of the Dark Knight parody videos that CollegeHumor puts out. Tim likes the “Batman Vanishing” or “Batman Interrogation” videos the best.

Hidden Talent Before Tim got into computers and became a self-proclaimed “total tech geek” he was into magic. He learned how to perform several different kinds of magic tricks and illusions when he was a kid. Now, Tim can tell you how most illusions are accomplished.

The Future Tim is excited to work at 12 Stars Media. He is interested in “creating inventive solutions to the unique problems that planning a video production on the web brings.” Tim loves to conquer big challenges and sees his working at 12 Stars Media as an opportunity to take on several different kinds of challenges that will test his skills. Tim also loves the relaxed work environment and said that he has felt at ease from the first time he stepped into the office.

Join us in welcoming Tim Loyer to the 12 Stars Media’s team! If you are a designer or developer, you may be seeing a lot of Tim, so leave a comment below.

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