What’s Trending in Video: Quality Versus Quantity

“Everything in moderation, including moderation,” said Oscar Wilde. Personally, I love butter, and I don’t do a great job of moderating my consumption of it. There was a time when society revolted against butter and… “Behold! Margarine will save us all.” But, eventually, trans-fat got its time under a microscope and butter didn’t look so […]

Joe's Essentials

Team Member Essentials

What do we carry with us? Our Team Members are web developers, video editors, writers, and just about everything in between. With so much variety at the office, we all have our own essential items that we always have with us. Here are just a few of our Team Members’ essential items and a brief […]

Live Adventurously on Media for Hire

Our team recently had the privilage of producing a documentary for DNK presents. This documentary featured four deserving women who were nominated by someone they knew to live off the grid for a weekend, phones and other technology were taken away in order to experience an epic adventure together. Not only was this story a touching […]

The College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba Showcase Their Mission Through Video

The College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba has been the professional regulatory body for registered nurses in Manitoba and their mission is to protect the public through quality registered nursing regulation. The College wanted a visual way to communicate their mission, vision, and values and they partnered with 12 Stars Media to help them do […]