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Leaving Room for Silent Moments in Video

This post was inspired by a very well-produced video by a fellow Indianapolis video production company, 2355 Productions. Pay them a visit would ya? Some would say that digital video is all about capturing attention and delivering value quickly. If you’ve ever produced a video or worked with a production company, you know that there’s […]

The Recipe for Digital Video Production

Eggs. Flour. Milk. Butter. Take those four ingredients and you’ve got the start of any number of delicious dishes. Seasoned chefs can take these basics and, with the addition of a few herbs and spices, maybe some protein or produce, turn them into something remarkable. The same cooks, however, will tell you that such ability […]

Behind The Scenes of a “This Week’s WOW” Shoot

If you haven’t seen any of the “This Week’s WOW” episodes (shot at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis), then you’ll definitely want to catch up after hearing a little about what goes into making each episode. We asked Wes Cummins (our Production Manager) and Jennifer Messmer (Digital Marketing Manager at the Children’s Museum) a few […]

YouTube Producer

Get to Know Us – Our Favorite Movies

Get to know the team behind the camera at 12 Stars Media. What we like. What we don’t like. And what our company is all about. This month’s “get to know us” post is all about our team’s favorite movies. Because a company that produces videos has to have a few favorite movies. Am I […]

Use Annotations to Add CTAs on a YouTube Video

A good call-to-action is critical to making the most out of your web videos. The worst thing that can happen, after going through the time and expense of producing and publishing a video, is for the viewer to be stranded or uncompelled to take any action to further interact with your brand. The best CTAs […]