Have you ever purchased a product from a company because you believed in its purpose? That’s exactly how people feel when they work with Purposeful Design. Not only do they get expertly handcrafted furniture, but they also get to support a company that exists to help reshape lives and rebuild families. Sharing that message through video allows Purposeful Design to make deeper connections with people interested in buying custom furniture with a deeper purpose.

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We teamed up to focus on the visual metaphor of the transformation of Andrew’s life tied to Purposeful Design’s process of creating furniture. The metaphor challenged us to balance an incredible personal story with the craftsmanship of woodworking. Each element needed to compliment, not compete. To do this, we focused on the interview. Our team was able to ask the right questions and get fantastic answers to fully tell Andrew’s story and still show the visual process of creating furniture.

Purposeful Design Creates Custom Furniture and Changes Lives