College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba

12 Stars Media helped the College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba's employees identify with the company's mission statement and values.

What is the College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba?

For more than 100 years, The College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba has protected the public by regulating registered nurses throughout Manitoba.

The College sets and maintains nursing practice standards that ensure the quality of nurses throughout the province. They also provide continuing education to nurses so they can stay up-to-date on new developments in nursing.


Like many organizations, the College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba (“the College” for short) knew that incorporating video into their communications plan was one of their greatest opportunities in 2016, but they wanted help getting started. A fellow internal communications professional told Kristin Hancock, Manager of Communications at the College, about 12 Stars Media, and she connected with us on Twitter to start a conversation.

When the College was ready to really dive into their strategy, they knew exactly who to turn to, and our CEO, Rocky, spent an entire day at their office in Winnipeg interviewing employees and asking questions about several people’s roles, what they do and how the communications team supports them. He also spent half the day talking through their goals as an organization, focusing on the much bigger picture beyond video.


Based on the on-site consulting, Rocky offered recommendations on how to get started. The College prioritized the videos based on their needs. The College had recently launched a new mission statement and new values and found that many of their team members not only couldn’t recite them but didn’t identify personally with them either. So, we decided together that an internal “Mission, Vision, and Values” video was the perfect place to begin.

We went through the entire production process with them starting with creating a purpose statement and then deciding who we’d interview and what types of questions we’d ask. With pre-production, Rocky shared the photos he took when he visited with our team, so we could start visualizing the video creatively. Our team researched other mission videos from B2B and B2C companies to share with the College for inspiration and created extensive shot lists.

“On the day of the shoot, the crew from 12 Stars Media made everyone feel comfortable and it was the least stressful video shoot I have ever been a part of! It really helped to have the 12 Stars Media team on-site to interview staff members. That made the video more authentic because it encouraged us to answer in ways that the general public would understand.”

Kristin Hancock, Manager of Communications


When the video was ready, the communications team at the College hosted viewing parties, complete with popcorn, to showcase the video. They had 100 percent participation. Now, team members are able to name some of their values and recite the mission statement, not because they memorized them robotically, but because they’re able to identify with why the values matter in their mission to protect the public.

They show this video at the beginning of meetings and also host this video on their website since it’s the perfect overview of the College.