How to Remove Ads from YouTube Videos
Posted by Rocky Walls on

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This post is kind of… old. YouTube has updated its layout. Check out our updated version of how to remove ads from your YouTube videos.

Recently a client of ours noticed ads popping up on her organization’s embedded YouTube videos. “Is there a way to prevent ads from showing up on our YouTube videos?” she asked.

Yes, there is a way to eliminate ads for the videos to which you own all the rights.

First, sign in to your YouTube channel.

Next, up in the top right corner, click on your channel’s name and a dropdown will appear.  Click “Account”.

On the left click the “Manage Account” link.

Click “Content displayed along with my uploaded videos”.

Select the “Do not allow advertisements” radio button and click the Save button.

This little trick should ensure that your embedded YouTube videos do not display ads.  Of course, if you’re looking for great content to post to YouTube, we can help you produce videos for your website, blog, and social media profiles.

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