How to Remove Ads from YouTube Videos
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This post is kind of… old. YouTube has updated its layout. Check out our updated version of how to remove ads from your YouTube videos.

Recently a client of ours noticed ads popping up on her organization’s embedded YouTube videos. “Is there a way to prevent ads from showing up on our YouTube videos?” she asked.

Yes, there is a way to eliminate ads for the videos to which you own all the rights.

First, sign in to your YouTube channel.

Next, up in the top right corner, click on your channel’s name and a dropdown will appear.  Click “Account”.

On the left click the “Manage Account” link.

Click “Content displayed along with my uploaded videos”.

Select the “Do not allow advertisements” radio button and click the Save button.

This little trick should ensure that your embedded YouTube videos do not display ads.  Of course, if you’re looking for great content to post to YouTube, we can help you produce videos for your website, blog, and social media profiles.

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  • Bick

    This isn’t working for me…. I set these same settings and YouTube continues to force these ads into my videos. I’ve even deleted the vids w/ the ads, uploaded them again, and the ads are right back where they were before. Any other insight? It’s annoying that they do this now…

  • Bick, I’m sorry to hear that. Would you mind providing a link to a video on which you’re experiencing this problem? Do you have copyrighted music in the video by any chance?

  • Do you have any copyrite music playing in your videos?
    Did you rip and upload someone elses videos?

    If yes is the answer to either of those then that is why the ads are showing.

  • DeanMercado

    Great little tip here! Last thing we want to do is annoy and distract our prospects with ads we did not choose! I implemented this immediately!

  • RockyWalls

    Dean, we’re glad this post helped! It’s crazy how many folks out there don’t even question whether or not you can remove the ads. Glad you were able to get it taken care of.

  • zissou

    +1 here.

    what is the point in Youtube providing this radio button if it doesn’t even work!

  • Popping ads would distract my watching pleasures! I think not all advertisements would be necessary for my you tube account. The tip was very good, although i haven’t tried it yet!thanks for the tip Rocky Walls..

  • RockyWalls

    @zissou can you provide a link to the video you’re having trouble with? There’s a good possibility that the ad being displayed is there for another reason. Perhaps copyrighted music or content is in the video?

  • RockyWalls

    @Las Vegas Recording Studio Glad the tip helped! Let us know how it works for you.

  • zissou

    actually, yeah – figured it now


  • JimCobalt

    @RockyWalls I disabled ads in my account settings but they are still showing. I’m using stock music I licensed, so I would think that wouldn’t be an issue.

  • RockyWalls

    @JimCobalt I don’t see any ads on that video when I view it on YouTube. You’re not confusing ads with related videos (the videos that show at the end) are you?

  • JimCobalt

    @RockyWalls Nope. Looks like they stopped showing them. I think what happened is they thought I had used some copyrighted stuff from Rumblefish, and videos with copyrighted music automatically get ads on them. I got the message from YouTube about an hour after I posted here. I disputed the claim with their online form since my music is NOT from Rumblefish; YouTube’s matching algorithm just messed up. The claim is not settled yet, but the ads have gone away at least.

  • RockyWalls

    @JimCobalt Nice! Glad it seems to be working out.

  • How do you get the youtube video to just show replay and not related videos (which are unrelated to the company?)

  • RockyWalls

     @newdaynewlesson There is a checkbox you want to leave unchecked before grabbing your embed code. This post should help –
    Also, when you want to tackle some even more advanced embedding techniques, you should check out this post –

  • Jayne Chard

    Hi Rocky,
    I tried this but it doesn’t work for me. I didn’t even get past first base. In my You Tube channel when I click on my channel the dropdown menu does not have an Accounts/ Manage Accounts option. It has: 
    My Channel
    Video Manager
    Switch Account
    Sign out
    There is nothing in My Channel/ Activity that relates to ads.
    Has You Tube suddenly change the ability to remove ads so  that you can no longer do this or am I missing something ? any advice would be great!!

  • RockyWalls

     @Jayne Chard Thx for the comment! The option to remove advertisements can now be found by clicking “Settings” then looking at the bottom of the “Overview” page. There should be a section that looks similar to what I showed in the image for my final step on this post. Looks like we need to do an updated post here huh? Let me know if you still have trouble finding it. Oh, and BTW, it can take up 24-48 hours to see the changes.

  • Jayne Chard

     Hi Rocky,
    Thanks for your reply. but all I can see at the bottom of the overview page is:
    then two options:
    1. Allow advertisements to be displayed alongside my videos  
    2. Do not allow advertisements to be displayed alongside my videos Ads will only be displayed for videos where you own all the rights. Choosing this option will disable any monetization options that have been set for your video.
    Suggesting that its the adverts alongside the video not those displayed within the video that can be removed as I have tried enabling option 2 and it makes no difference. Have You Tube  just shifted the goal posts? Or am I missing something?
    Any ideas?
    Thanks Jayne

  • RockyWalls

     @Jayne Chard Hmm, did you wait a few days after enabling option 2? I know that it can take some time to see the change. I’ve even heard of it taking up to three days.
    If you’ve tried that and waited it out, I’m not sure. Can you post a link to the video here and I can take a look?

  • Jayne Chard

    HI Rocky,
    The video was posted on the 11th May 2012. Here’s a link:
    As I said there appears to be no button to prevent adverts being shown within the video just buttons that affect the adverts down the side of the You Tube page – see point 2 of my earlier comment.
    Please take a look and let me know your thoughts.
    Kind regards

  • RockyWalls

     @Jayne Chard When I watch that video on your page I don’t see any ads. The advertisements YouTube is referring to are the ads that display alongside your video in the player itself, not the ones that are on the YouTube page. You cannot restrict those from appearing.
    I guess I just don’t see the ad that you are trying to remove. Sorry I can’t be of more help :-/

  • Jayne Chard

    Hi Rocky,
    This is so bizarre. I went to the link and played the video and it had ads. I’ve just had a thought the video has music from a music library ANW which the client paid a licence to use. Would they be able to detect this? Could this be the reason there are adverts?If so how to I contact You Tube to inform them of this?
    Can anyone else listening see the adverts on the link as I have asked  a few people here and they can all see them!

  • Jayne Chard

    Sorry do you mean that you cannot stop adverts from being overlaid on top of the video when you play it your website? As I said in an earlier comment the buttons “Do not allow advertisements to be displayed alongside your video”
    Now I’m very confused!!

  • RockyWalls

     @Jayne Chard You can stop the ads from appearing over the top of your video, UNLESS they are there because you are using copyrighted material in your video. What do the ads say (since I don’t see them)?

  • Jayne Chard

    Hi Rocky,
    Taking note of you last comment about the copyright material I have now looked at  a number of my other clients videos who play on their sites via You Tube and they do NOT get adverts all over them. These videos also have  library music on them which the clients have paid a license for, the same as the video in question, so it CANNOT be the cause of the adverts otherwise they would appear on all.

  • RockyWalls

     @Jayne Chard I see what you are saying. Hmm, I’ve got to admit I am pretty much tapped out of ideas on your particular issue with the ads. Have you tried posting the problem on YouTube’s help forum?

  • rolg1

    Is there any way I can block ads on a youtube video on my channel if I only own the video but not the audio?

  • RockyWalls

     @rolg1 If you’ve followed these steps and the ads still appear it may be because of the audio, and if you don’t own the rights to that audio there isn’t anything you can do to prevent the ads from appearing.
    Did you follow these steps and wait 48 hours to see if the ads were removed? Post a link to your video in the comments here and I can take a look as well.

  • This is so bizarre. I went to the link and played the video and it had ads. I’ve just had a thought the video has music from a music library ANW which the client paid a licence to use.

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  • sarkari in

    I don’t see any ads on that video when I view it on YouTube

  • sarkari in

    I don’t see any ads on that video when I view it on YouTube

  • hilary_lee

    Hello,  can you tell me if you think the reason the ads are not disabled in this video is because of the audio?  The video is owned by us – but not the dance audio. The ads keep appearing even though we’ve followed the steps above. This is for a college admissions project. Thank you for your help!

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  • AnnaSamuel

    Optionally, to skip the ads, you can just replace “youtube” with “youtubeskip” in the URL of any video.

  • RockyWalls

    @AnnaSamuel I hadn’t heard of that trick! Will definitely check it out.

  • Lorenz1974

    @RockyWalls  @AnnaSamuel I’ve tried, but it’s very unconfortable find a video and then change the url. I don’t know how is with playlists.I still prefer this method , I found some month ago!It never fails, it’s trasparent for me and it’s valid for any kind of system, Win, mac, linux, android (also!).

  • Lorenz1974

    @RockyWalls  @AnnaSamuelI’ve tried, but it’s very unconfortable find a video and then change the url. I don’t know how is with playlists.
    I still prefer this method , I found some months ago! It never fails, it’s trasparent for me and it’s valid for any kind of systems, win, mac, linux, android (also!).

  • SumiyaMoumitaHasan

    Try this site, it may help you. Goodluck!

  • That was pretty nice and simple. Thanks for sharing

  • AbagawGagaf


  • Ma


  • DrN00b

    I refuse to use ad block because in all honesty youtube does not make ads loud and take up the full page. I do not see what is the big deal with not blocking youtube ads especially when you are literally denying creators revenue directly.

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